Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Quarashi has officially released new compilation album, "Anthology".

"Anthology" is a 3 disc compilation album. It is the first album of any kind to be officially released by Quarashi since "Guerilla Disco", in 2005. The set consists of 2 CD's, and 1 DVD.

The first disc of the set, focuses on Quarashi's 20 most popular hits. The second CD of the set focuses on rare, un-released, demos, and b-sides material from Quarashi. The third disc of the set, the DVD, contains all of Quarashi's music videos, rare concert footage and backstage clips, interviews, and concert footage from Quarashi's final concert in July at Club NASA in Iceland.

One of the songs from the album's second disc, "Beat Em" is a song that Quarashi had planned to release on the 2002 album "Jinx", but didn't finish it in time to fully produce it for the album. Quarashi has uploaded the song to Soundcloud for fans to listen to and have a preview of the album. Listen to "Beat Em:, from the upcoming album "Anthology", here:


Buy the album from www.tonlist.is or www.icelandicmusic.com (the English version of tonlist.is)

Hard copies can be purchased from www.skifan.is or www.shopicelandic.com

Be sure to keep a watch on Quarashi's official Facebook page for updates and news!


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