Sunday, April 25, 2010


Other great Quarashi websites!

Quarashi - Official Website (No Longer updated) -
Official Quarashi website. Last update was around 2005. The band ran the website themselves
so there haven't been any updates since the disbanding.

Quarashi - Official Facebook (Actively Updating!) -
Quarashi has opened a new Facebook account. This page has been confirmed as their official Facebook page. Lots of updates and news.

New Quarashi Forums
Visit the new Quarashi forums and join the latest discussion on all things Quarashi, and even side projects such as The Muzik Zoo, Ske, Solvi's solo work, and much more!

The Quarashi Source -
One of the longest lasting Quarashi fansites. Features lyrics, full discography info, interviews and much more.

The Quarashi Vibe
A great Quarashi fansite, featuring forums, photos, media, and other cool stuff. The site admins finally brought it back in January 2010 after the original website went defunct.

QuarashiMusic on Youtube -
My personal channel on Youtube, however all of my Quarashi videos are uploaded to this channel.

QuarashiMusic on Facebook -
The official QuarashiMusic Facebook group.

QuarashiMusic on Myspace -
The official QuarashiMusic Myspace page.

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