Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Past Rare Downloads

If you missed a rare download of the month, this is the place to be!


August: Payback (Live)

September: An Abductee (Live on TV)

October: Shady Lives (Live)

November : Payback Demo (Performed Live)

December: (Demos & B-Sides Released)


March: Weirdo (Demo)

June: Malone Lives (Demo)

September: Grass

November: Shady Lives (Rough Mix) and Instrumental



May - Mr. Jinx (Live)

June - Switchstance (Re-recorded Unreleased)


January - Stick 'Em Up (Live)

February - Coming Soon!


Anonymous said...

Please recheck the link under May - Mr. Jinx (Live)

It'd be a shame if someone were to delete that.

Oh, and I definitely appreciate the downloads from mediafire. takes way too long...

PQHooligan said...

could you please re-upload the demos & b-sides album, if even for just a week or so?

I can't believe I missed out on it...

thanks in advance!

Adema1226 said...


The Demos & B-Sides is still available in the "albums" section of the site. Get there by clicking 'Music' on the right side of the page.

Thanks for visiting!

Guadalupe said...

The link for "Grass" and the Shady Lives instrumental are not working now, at least not for me, is it possible for you to fix it?
Thank you for this blog!