Monday, January 26, 2009


Welcome to the EP's page, where you can download all of Quarashi's EP's for free, in high quality! If you want to download Albums or Singles, please visit those pages, by clicking "Music" on the right side of this page. All downloads come with full artwork scans; front cover, disc, and back cover, unless otherwise noted.



Lax (1996)
[320 kbps]
(Download comes with full artwork)

01. Switchstance (Original version)
02. Beam Me Up
03. ¿QuĂ©?
04. Lone Rangers
05. Speedo


Symphony X
QuarashiMusic (2002)
[128 kbps]
(Download comes with front cover)

[A live performance with the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra (ISO) from 2002]

01. Baseline (Live with Icelandic Symphony Orchestra)
02. Copycat (Live with ISO)
03. Dive In (Live with ISO)
04. Malone Lives (Live with ISO)
05. Mr. Jinx (Live with ISO)
06. Transparent Parents (Live with ISO)

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OMG! Thank you so much for these treasures!