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Welcome to the albums page, where you can download all of Quarashi's albums for free, in high quality! If you want to download EP's or Singles, please visit those pages, by clicking "Music" on the right side of this page. All downloads come with full artwork scans; front cover, disc, and back cover, unless otherwise noted.


Lax / Japis (1997)
[320 kbps]
(Download comes with full artwork)

01. Quzo
02. Thunderball
03. Framogtilbaka
04. Catch 22
05. Switchstance
06. Superwoman
07. Herra Jinx
08. Lone Rangers
09. The Next Movie
10. Beam Me Down
11. Mr. Amber Shades
12. S.E.T.I.
13. Beam Me Up
14. Speedo
15. Delphi
16. Mr. Caulfield


Lax / Japis (1999)
[320 kbps]
(Download comes with full artwork)

01. Stick 'em Up (Original Version)
02. Tarfur (Original Version)
03. Punk
04. Jivin' About (Original Version)
05. Brasilian Mongo
06. Model Citizen
07. Tamborine Cut
08. Xeneizes (Original Version)
09. Mayday
10. Surreal Rhyme
11. Show Me What You Can
12. F--- You Puto (Original Version)
13. Dive In (Original Version)
14. Bless (Original Version)

Bonus Media on CD (Included in Download)
15. Fly To The Sky (Bonus Track)
16. Stay Funky (Bonus Track)
17. Show Me What You Can [Instrumental] (Bonus Track)
18. Mayday [A Capella] (Bonus Track)


Kristnihald Undir Jökli
Sproti (2001)
[128 kbps]
(Download comes with front cover)

01. Úa
02. Smíðavél
03. Hulduhrútur
04. Beitahúsamenn
05. Prímus
06. Godman Sýngmann
07. Úrsúlulokkur
08. Úrsúlugjá
09. Umbi
10. Prímus (80's)
11. Umbi II
12. Prímus (Vox)
13. Úrsúlugjá (Instrumental)


Sony / Columbia / Time Bomb (2002)
[320 kbps]
(Download comes with full artwork)

01. Stick 'em Up
02. Mr. Jinx
03. Baseline
04. Malone Lives
05. Tarfur
06. Copycat
07. Transparent Parents
08. Weirdo
09. Xeneizes
10. F--- You Puto
11. Dive In
12. Bless
13. Into Your Arms (Bonus Track)
14. Switchstance [Remastered] (Bonus Track)

Explicit Version: Download
Clean Version: Download


Guerilla Disco [Iceland Release]
Skifan / Dennis (2004)
[320 kbps]
(Download comes with full artwork)

01. Payback
02. Dead Man Walking
03. Stars
04. Audio Amigos
05. Stun Gun
06. Murder Frenzy'
07. Brass Knuckles
08. Straight Jacket
09. Pro
10. Steua
11. Make a Move
12. This Song
13. Crazy Bastard (Bonus Track)


Guerilla Disco [Japan Release]
Sony Japan (2005)
[320 kbps]
(Download comes with full artwork)

01. Payback
02. Stun Gun
03. Stars
04. Audio Amigos
05. Brass Knuckles
06. Murder Frenzy'
07. Pro
08. Steua
09. Race City
10. Make a Move
11. This Song
12. Straight Jacket
13. Stars [Remix] (Bonus Track)
14. People vs Quarashi [Stun Gun Remix] (Bonus Track)
15. Kintarou (Bonus Track)


Quarashi (2011)
Release Date: October 18, 2011

Disc 1:

01. Switchstance
02. Baseline
03. Stars
04. Catch 22
05. Mess It Up (Featuring Opee)
06. Stun Gun
07. Stick 'em Up
08. Payback
09. Tarfur
10. Mr. Jinx
11. Malone Lives
12. Pro
13. Weirdo
14. Thunderball
15. Copycat
16. Race City
17. Surreal Rhyme
18. Mr. Caulfield
19. Lone Rangers
20. Xeneizes
21. Dive In
22. Bless

Disc 2:

01. Diesel Power (Quarashi remix)
02. Mess It Up (Zuckakis Mondeyano remix)
03. Stun Gun (Matlocks Remix)
04. Krókódílamaðurinn
05. Stars (Hermigervill remix)
06. Arabian Horse (Quarashi Remix)
07. Dive In (Gus Gus Remix)
08. Orð morð
09. Catch 22 (DJ Muggs Remix)
10. Herra Jinx (Mr. Jinx demo instrumental track)
11. The Force
12. Grass
13. Into Your Arms
14. Beat Em
15. Eve Theme 1
16. Speedo
17. Beam Me Up (Original version '96)
18. Primus Vox
19. An Abductee
20. Shady Lives

Beat Em (Jinx B-Side) - Listen for free here:

Disc 3 (DVD):

Concert footage, from Japan 2002, Iceland 2002, Besta Festival 2011, and final concert at Club NASA 2011. Music videos, interviews, rare clips.

*Please buy this album from | (English version of*

Hard copies can be purchased from or



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This is amazing. Keep doing what you're doing.

Big said...

Mans, a lot of good stuff is opened to a public with yours site, but have you got a Stick'em up Single??

Anonymous said...

Love the site. Much thanks for listing all the tunes you have!! any update to the status of the demos and b-sides release you all are working on?

Stefán said...

hej hvað er málið það er ekki hægt að downloda Demos and B-Sides

Will said...

great but mediafire really sucks. they took down Kristnihald undir Jökli (2001), Guerilla Disco (2004), and Jinx (2002)

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Hi. Thanks for your hard work.
Any chance of getting the albums in lossless (FLAC preferably...) or at least Guerrilla Disco? Thanks in advance!
PS: Let me know if you do decide to up them in lossless, I could teach you how to do it properly with cue files and everything.

Adema1226 said...


I'd be happy to send you the albums in FLAC. Unfortunately I don't have the actual Switchstance EP or Kristnihald Undir Jökli discs, but I have all the rest. Just email me at

unloco1 said...

This blog is awesome! Keep up the good work!

Ohio Music said...

love you guys iceland, we're trying to get out that way when our tour starts the first of next year. still bootlegging the demo, waiting on our company to release the new stuff. thanks to our main man ronney rutan for starting up this blog to help us out.
check out the bootleg.
much love,
Martial Heights

PioPack Tour said...

SUPER! Thank You very much!

powerof48 said...

Could you please reup Kristnihald Undir Jökli and Guerilla Disco (Japan release)?